Pattie Rae Hummel

Over the last three decades, Pattie Hummel Photography captured the emotion, humor, and personalities of people throughout the Sauk Valley area. Pattie expressed her passion for life and family in every family photograph, senior photo, and wedding album she created. When cancer came, her passion for life and her family continued on. When cancer took her on March 15th, 2018, that same passion burned inside the loving family and friends that surrounded her.

Pattie Hummel was a free spirit. Her youthful personality touched the lives of so many people. She was an award-winning photographer, a successful business woman, mentor, teacher, and a friend. What was most important to her was her family. Many weekends were spent with a house filled with grandchildren. They all wanted to spend the night at Grandma Pattie’s, and Grandma Pattie never said no. To her children, Pattie gave everything. Whether she was packing her kids into a mini-van for long trips to Florida and Myrtle Beach or supporting their individual passions, Pattie’s priority was making sure her children had the best childhood she could provide.

Pattie Hummel was an incredible artist. Her artistry manifested itself in the beautiful photography that brought her many awards and accolades. She had the unique ability to capture a person’s personality, presenting their best aspects to the world. Pattie always had a camera nearby, it was important to her to document the beauty of the world around her. Many car rides were punctuated by frequent stops to capture a beautiful sunset or an interesting locale. Pattie’s creativity expressed itself in other areas as well. She loved music, art, bookmaking, and interior decorating. Her talent amazed all who knew her.

Pattie Hummel was a successful businesswoman. In addition to her successful photography business that spanned 30 years, Pattie also owned and managed a popular gift shop named “Nayzee’s Gifts”. Her unique sensibility was infused into each piece of merchandise that graced Nayzee’s shelves.

Pattie Rae Hummel was born on May 9th, 1957, in Dixon, IL. She died on Thursday, March 15th, 2018, at the age of 60. She is survived by three children; Jimmy, Ranae (Ryan Young), and Nathan (Tiffany) and eight grandchildren; Connor, Caden, Caylee, Caitlyn, Natalia, Daniel, Isiah Rivera, and Trayce Rivera. Pattie is preceded in death by her parents; Raymond Nehring, former Lee County Sheriff, and Margaret Nehring, a registered nurse.  Celebration of Patties life will be held Saturday from 1:00-4:00 p.m. at the Dixon Elks Lodge.  Polo Family Funeral Home is handling the arrangements.

In lieu of flowers memorials may be directed to Rock River Hospice and Home, Sterling, IL

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